Why Flashcards Continue to Be a Good Teacher

Flashcards have long been in the systems of both public and private schools. As to one time, they were confined to paper where parents could eagerly “flash” them to young learners to help them learn more quickly and effectively. They continued their popularity with the advent of online interactive learning. Now they’re installed in teaching programs and even on your favorite learning sites. Kids continue to not only learn well from them but also have an enjoyable time playing with them.

So what makes flashcards such a great teacher? Many things! First, they’re simple to make, especially online. You can grab an easy flashcard maker at the drop of a hat and either get a free or paid version. From there, the program itself will help young learners through these flashcards.

Educators and the curious might already be aware that flashcards began with a phonics program called “Reading Disentangled.” It’s way old, dating all the way back to 1834. That’s well over a hundred years before the Internet came along and made it so much easier to create your own program of flashcards for a specific learner. Parents use them to teach at home, online learning programs use them to enhance their tools, and children use them to challenge each other in fun games, both online and offline.

In the old days, they were confined to the size of rectangular cardboard pieces with a question on the front and an answer on the back. It’s easy to see why this learning tool could easily be mistaken for a fun game instead of homework. You read the question. You answer. You see if your answer is right. It’s simple, challenging, and easily improved upon by each new learner. These days you can create online flashcards in only a few minutes or hours and then challenge students or your own children to fun games with them.

The best programs will make the flashcards visually fun and interesting to look at while still keeping the important educational questions first and foremost to the “game.” It’s a fun tool that is applied by many of today’s top tutoring site and it’s a lot easier to keep stats on right answers these days. The computer programs keep a running tab on each flashcard and how a student scored on it. If you’re simply doing flashcards to brush up on your favorite subjects, then you don’t even have to keep score. In this case, it’s the sheer number of flashcards that will be available online in comparison to what you would have found in a box of flashcards 30 years ago. Now you’ve got millions of questions to answer from every imaginable subject, not just 50 or so flashcards you can use to brush up on math subjects.

If you haven’t used flashcards with your own children, then you can see for yourself just how powerful a learning tool they are by getting a great card maker and using it to help your kids learn.

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