Top 5 footballer on Instagram

Christopher Ronaldo has achieved another success in the ground as well as on social media because he has become the most followed footballer on Instagram. He is the on the top of the list in sharing photos on Instagram to his followers. They have many Instagram followers.

We are going to discuss the most top 5 followers on Instagram.

  1. Paul pogba

Pual pogba is the king of social media in the area of football, the man to be followed on the Instagram. He also shows his hairdos and shares other information with his followers. His account is full of dance and brand promotions to amuse his followers. He is one of the most expensive players in the football world.

  1. Ziatan Ibrahimovic

His name is enough in the world of football but he also uploads the videos and snaps to his followers on Instagram to get more attraction and fame. He is the king of the football arena and he has made many records for his team.

  1. Leonal Messi

He just looks like the nicest boy and the best guy for the Instagram because of his thin physique. He is the Argentine skipper doesn’t give even a single pose without his amazing smile on his face. He is blonde hair and has many followers on Instagram and he shares his photos with them to amuse them.

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo is the FIFA world champion of the year and is very famous on Instagram. He has shared countless pictures on Instagram with his followers. He is also awarded so many trophies due to his best performances.

  1. Marion Balotelli

Marion is one of the best football players to follow on Instagram. He is Italian and has the perfect combination of personality and fame. He just has introduced his new shirt with the quote “ Why always me?” to get more attention from his followers on Instagram. He is the popular player who has earned name and fame in the ground as well as outside the ground.

Instagram is the biggest platform to make the strong communication between the people and the players of football. Most of the people like the photos of their best players so Instagram provide them this facility.

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