Important Components of a SEO Strategy

In today’s competitive environment especially in digital marketing, search engine optimization plays an important role in beating your competitors and realizing massive revenues. The strategies you use should change from time to time as Google is continuously changing the algorithms that determine your page ranking. All said and done, this means that you should constantly be improving your SEO while at the same time watching out what your competitors are doing. Remember that the most important factors in search engine optimization tactics are the content on your page and links to your website. For more information about SEO strategies, take a minute to visit this website.
Components of a SEO Strategy


While there are several components of a successful SEO strategy, the one component at the top of the list is keywords. For you to run a successful campaign, you must first research into the keywords that will give you maximum return on investments. If you understand your business, you will be aware of how people are likely to seek for your services. Keywords are the specific words that retailers use to drive traffic to their products. You can use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool to check out on competition and look for potential keywords. Experts will tell you that whenever you find out that a keyword is very competitive, try to find long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords consist of two-five words. However, the words you choose should be simple to rank. Remember that the longer the words, the less the competition.

Meta Tags

Unlike the popular belief that Meta Tags are outdated, they still play a key part in search engine optimization. This allows the search engine to suggest popular searches. However, there is no point worrying about keyword title tags as Google has in the recent past categorically said that it does not use keyword title tag. This came after webmasters abused this tactic as they sought to highly rank several keywords.


Like it’s popularly said, content is the king of search engine optimization. Google and Yahoo and other search engines have said that for your website to be well ranked, you ought to produce quality content. Search engines say that they encourage positive content that not only boosts your sales but educates the user. This is what is referred to as positive user experiences.


There is a saying in search engine optimization that says if the content is the king, the queen must be backlinks. Search engines look for the website with quality links. Therefore, remember that the number of links on your website does not matter if they don’t offer positive and quality content. You can update the user on the latest products. Also, whenever you produce quality content, other bloggers and news websites will reference your content leading to your website been well ranked.

Social Media

Social media has also changed the way search engines work. Keep in mind that many things are community oriented nowadays including content websites. Remember that social media platforms have a way of sending signals to search engines.


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