Coffee Tech Continues to Compel Online Buyers

Twenty-five years ago, a Japanese coffee company owner came to the US West Coast to try all the assorted brands of coffee. He left with the notion that the US gourmet coffee market was dead. After all, the major brands were not able to produce that much quality and there didn’t seem to be an interest in a premium cup of coffee.

Today, the American market is saturated with gourmet coffee. In the interim, cities like San Diego, which had very little experience drinking coffee during the day, began to be more and more positive towards gourmet coffee chains that opened and served as a second living room for young people.

Here are some other areas of coffee tech that continue to compel people in the US:

Controllable thermos mug:

Most people have a travel mug that allows them to put coffee in it and have that coffee remain hot while they travel with a lid on it. Yet sometimes, the coffee will get cold over time because it is a little exposed to the air. One answer is to work with latest in heated coffee thermos technology. The temperature control mug, by is one of the more innovative coffee products on the market. it allows you to set the temperature for the coffee mug while you are traveling on the road. The coffee mug can be set in Fahrenheit or Celsius- and it can be preset to match the drinks that you are interested in. You don’t need to have it be plugged in all the time. You can just select a temperature and it will heat or cool your coffee to match that temperature.

Cheaper gourmet coffee:

in some countries, each person consumes several kilograms of coffee per year, adding up to a giant raid on coffee trees throughout the world to keep up with demand. With both Nestle and Starbucks committing to paying farmers the bulk of the money for their coffee in the supply chain, it means that you will have higher quality across the board, but it isn’t that easy to find inexpensive gourmet coffee.

One company, Maya Botticelli, developed Cafe Agitata in response. Instead of drip brewing, it relies upon blending ground coffee at a very high speed to pull as much flavor from the grounds as possible. As it is a more active way of processing coffee, the flavor is fuller and requires fewer beans per pot to create a rich, dark brew. And of course, because the number of beans in use is less, the overall cost ends up being much less.

The one-cup coffee maker trend:

If you would like to avoid wasting a lot of coffee when you are the only one drinking coffee in the first place, you can get one of the one cup coffee makers that allow you to purchase special coffee envelopes that you can brew within seconds.

If you are used to brewing coffee in large batches, this may take some getting used to. At one large hotel chain where they put large batches of coffee in the lobby and one cup coffee makers in the room, it was apparent that over a two-week test period, those people who consistently requested refills of their coffee bags in their room were few and far between.

Drinking coffee is a rejuvenating experience that also may have some very positive effects on your health. Becoming an aficionado at college and in the work world make you part of a social group that tends to move forward together as they grow older.

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